EVEN THE MOST AVID gardener does not enjoy weeding. Cultivating, on the other hand, is a different story. Weeding is a dreaded chore that is often done by hand when weeds begin to overtake the garden. Cultivating prevents weeding the flower bed and is therapeutic. It is beneficial for the flowers and the garden.

Let’s talk about the benefits.

  • WEEDS—it is much easier to prevent weeds than it is to remove them. Early spring and frequent cultivation prevents weeds from getting past the germination stage, taking them out before there is a heavy root to contend with. It may not seem like you are doing anything more than moving and turn soil, but tiny weeds are dying before they get started.
  • AERATION—plants need to be able to breathe in order to thrive. Frequent cultivation keeps the soil loose and breathable.
  • INSECT CONTROL—I remember watching farmers when I was young, plowing and prepping their fields for spring planting. Dozens and even hundreds of sea gulls flocked behind the plow grabbing up worms, grubs and even voles and mice and anything else the up-turned soil revealed.     Garden cultivating accomplishes the same thing on a smaller scale. Grasshoppers, grubs and other insects live and/or reproduce in the soil.     I often see Robins and Finches come behind me snatching up eggs and larvae I’ve exposed for easy pickings.
  • CONNECTIONS—frequent cultivating helps the gardener connect with his flowers, vegetables and the garden, making gardening an experience rather than a chore. 

              FROM WEED’N TO EDEN

WITH KWIK EDGE TOOLS             happy gardening.

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