THE KWIK EDGE  tool is designed to maintain the flower bed border by keeping grass from creeping in.


 How to use the Kwik Edge tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYtWdea40O8

  • DEFINE/CREATE THE EDGE—If grass has overtaken your flower bed or you are creating a new one use your half-moon and/or conventional shovel to remove the grass and define the edge of the bed. (The Kwik Edge tool is not designed for this and will be a frustration.)
  • MAINTENANCE—Twice a month, or as needed, use the Kwik Edge tool to clean the new edge and remove invading grass roots  https://thekwikedge.com/pages/videos/
    1. Mow the lawn
    2. Trim the lawn edge with your power blade or line trimmer (The Kwik Edge tool does not do well in cutting overhanging grass blades)
    3. Follow with the Kwik Edge grooming tool to take out the encroaching grass roots (The power trimmers may cut the roots, but they do not take them out)
    4. The Kwik Edge tool works best when the soil is moist but on the dry side so that the blade cuts through soil and roots cleanly. Wet soil will cling to the blade and roots will hang up, making it seem that the tool is not sharp enough when in fact it does not need to be very sharp.

 Give it a try and give it a chance:

  • Rocky soil—within reason the Kwik Edge tool will work in rocky soil. The first time may be difficult as rocks are dislodged. The second use should be easier since the actual edge has been mostly cleared. The third use and so on should be still easier.
  • Heavy clay soil—a heavy clay base for the sod gives the Kwik Edge tool a solid edge to follow and in that way is an advantage. Amending the soil in the flower bed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYtWdea40O8 will make it as easy as a walk in the garden. The amended soil will be a boost for the bed and plants and a pleasure to work with.
  • Concrete edging, pavers and other solid barriers—efforts to contain grass are generally effective and look nice for one or two years and then the grass finds its way through the barrier. The Kwik Edge tool does the same job on the inside of the hard surface as it does on the lawn edge. Again, if the grass has already penetrated and begun to take over, remove it first with a shovel. Regular use of the Kwik Edge tool will then keep the grass at bay, protecting the bed from further invasion.
  • Cultivation—the curvature of the Kwik Edge blade makes it plow-like and an effective tool for turning and cultivating the soil. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYtWdea40O8

Regular maintenance with the Kwik Edge grooming tool will make the Half-Moon-edge-creation a onetime event and the nuisance of encroaching grass will be a thing of the past.




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