Fall gardening is more than just harvest. Gardening in the Fall is primarily preparation for spring. What we do in the Fall, to a great extent, determines the kind of experience we will have with our Spring gardening.  

 Last year's garden has been composting for a year and has been moved to the bin on the left. I'll be using some of the compost now and the rest will be left to continue composting till spring. This years garden goes into the bin on the right and will be ready to use a year from now.

Fall is a good time for redesign projects--like taking out a water feature and putting a planting bed in its place: 

 This water feature has not had water running for several years.  It is time for a change. This is the 'before' picture; the 'after' picture will come in six months.

 It was a bit of a job, but the rocks are gone and the plants I want to save are potted and ready for the greenhouse.

 Ready for spring bulbs

 Crown Imperial are first. This is a red and yellow mix for the center.

 Tulip and Daffodil groupings surround the Imperials. Hyacinth groupings were added to the borders.

 A couple inches of new compost top off the new bed and it is watered in and now we wait for the show in the Spring.

 If you start clearing your planting beds in the Fall, you have a big head start in the Spring. Start loading your compost pit.... and this is what you have a year from now. This is what was used to cover the new flower bed.

Fall clean up exposes the grass edges that might have been partially covered by the maturing bedding plants. This is a good time to sharpen and clean up those edges so you can start the next season with edges ready to go.

 Use your power trimmer to give yourself a crisp straight line.

 Follow with the Kwik Edge tool to take out the invading grass roots and groom the border soil. 

The lawn will be dormant through the winter so when Spring arrives your edges will be sharp and clean to show off the spring flowers. 

Edges by Kwik Edge   


Fall is the time to really enjoy the fruits of your labors while you plan and anticipate new gardens and more fun in the spring. 







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