February often gives us teaser days of spring. It is definitely spring inside the greenhouse.


It's February 8, 56 degrees and there are signs of spring outside

The lawn is brown, but it is as anxious for spring as I am. It may not look like it, but the grass is already growing and sending runners into the flower beds. These early spring-like days are a great time to work the edges and get ahead of the game.

I left last years foliage in place and will let it stay for another month to protect perennials and seeds, like Marigolds and Nasturtiums,  that will germinate in April. 

Rake away the leaves and debris that has collected at the grass edge

I use my power trimmer to sharpen the grass edge

 With the line trimmed and defined I use my KWIK EDGE to take out the invading grass roots and groom the border soil of the flower bed.

An early start makes garden maintenance Kwik and easy when spring and summer officially arrive.  

Grass edges by KWIK EDGE....

Happy gardening....CARPE DIEM

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