Onions store very well and are easy to grow. We are still enjoying last year's crop and now it is time to plant again.

Onions can be planted directly in the garden as sets or seeds as soon as your soil is workable. The cold doesn't bother them but they won't grow until the weather starts to warm up. I like to start with seedlings about the 15th of April so the first part of February is the time to get started.

  I like to grow Walla Walla and a nice sweet red. Start with a gallon pot filled with good potting soil

Scatter the contents of a regular seed packet over the surface of the soil (or as many seeds as you want onions)

Cover the seeds lightly with more soil and water generously.

 Keep the pots in a warm sunny location and keep them evenly moist. By April 15 they should look like two pots of grass and the seedlings will be ready to transplant into the garden. 

We can talk about planting and care in April.


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  • Thank you for the encouragement to get started.


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