Hints from the Garden--Staking Flowers

Some of our flowers need a little support as they grow and the blooms get heavy; like Dahlias, Gladiolus, Delphinium and others. The garden itself can supply all we need to help these heavy weights.

Tall grasses like this hardy Pampas provide long sturdy canes

The canes can be harvested in late Fall or early Spring.

Now you have all the stakes you need for a tripod support for potted Mandevilla, Bougainvillea or for single or double stakes for other garden flowers.

For something to tie everything together, Dracaena, also called Spikes, works well. Cut one, or more as needed, of the sword shaped leaves at the base. Strip the leaves lengthwise into strands. These strands are as strong as garden twine and are flexible enough to easily use them as ties.

The Pampas canes also make good markers to help you remember where special plants are, or where you've planted seeds so you can protect them while they germinate and grow.

With a little help the garden can help itself.

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