It's the end of July and it is hot! Most of us are not thinking about Tulips and other spring bulbs, but this is the perfect time to look ahead.

The bulbs you took out in the spring (see "Taking care of Tulips" posted June 4, 2019) and put into storage are ready to be cleaned.

When you have removed the soil and dead foliage the bulbs can be separated (the largest bulbs present the largest blooms). All of the bulbs will grow, however the smallest ones may produce only leaves, but they will grow and mature to blooming size for the next year.

Cleaned and separated, the bulbs are ready to go back into their cool dry storage place for a couple more months.

Now that you know what you have you can think about what you want. I recommend visiting https://www.colorblends.com/   They have a great selection and excellent quality. I have been buying their bulbs for years. Now is the time to place orders for delivery at planting time in September-October.

A beautiful spring gardens begins in the heat of summer.

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