Kwik Edge and fall gardening

Everyone loves fall; the yard and garden is at its peak and we wish it could last a little longer.

 All season the Kwik Edge tool has kept the grass from invading the flowerbeds...


but by the end of the season the flowerbeds are beginning to invade the grass.

When the frost arrives its a good time to start pulling this years garden and looking ahead to the next season. This year's garden goes into the compost bin and by this time next year it will be ready to go back into the garden and build up the soil for 2021


With the grass borders exposed again the Kwik Edge can do its magic

Using the Kwik Edge as the final part of fall cleanup means it doesn't have to be the first thing in the spring when the soil is often muddy and harder to work with.

Spring flowers have a head start with Kwik Edge in the fall.

Fall gardening gives us the mental pictures that inspires our next creation and sustains us when we are not able to sink our hands into the soil.

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