KWIK EDGE garden edger available online at THE GROMMET

About The Grommet

What are we searching for? A better product? A more innovative one? No. We’re searching for a better future, because right now it isn’t fair.

Right now the best ideas aren’t winning. Right now big companies are getting better at selling, but worse at bringing you things worth buying.

That’s where The Grommet comes in. We shine a light on great ideas and the people behind them, and arm them with the tools that the big guys have.

Sure, ultimately what we find are products. But what we bring you is much bigger than that. It’s a choice. It’s a future. It’s a world where better ideas win.


The Kwik Edge garden tool is now available for purchase at the Grommet.





  • Just received the Kwik edge hoe and found it difficult to use at my age.
    I ordered on line.
    No instructions included to return in original box.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    Judith Boyle
  • Where can I purchase it here in the valley rather than ordering it?

    Becky Blair
  • This looks very interesting! Is this the same product sold on Amazon?

    Cheryl naylor
  • Where is the kwikedge made?
    Thank you for reply

    Judith Ingram

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