Kwik Edge Update, December '19

Kwik Edge was launched by The Grommet in March, 2019 and sales skyrocketed.  On May 5, 2019 The Daily Herald published an article about the Kwik Edge in their business section. KSL News saw the article and contacted me. They did a feature story on the Kwik Edge Sunday night, July 7th and again, sales took off. The biggest challenge of 2019 has been inventory. We are on top of that now and look forward to Spring 2020. All of the IFA stores and many of the Ace Hardware stores in Utah now carry the Kwik Edge and you will be able to find it in Ace stores all over the country  by spring 2020.

In the spring of 2020 Kwik Edge will have a friend; the Kwik Edge Mini. This tool makes cultivating flowerbeds fast and easy even when they are tightly planted. The Mini can do everything a conventional hoe can do and much more. Its size makes it the perfect tool for cultivating beds where there are only inches between plants. I use this tool from spring to fall more than any other tool. There will be a short handle version of the Mini called The Buddy. For those who have raised beds or do a lot of container gardening, The Buddy will be ideal.

Watch for another Kwik Edge tool in addition to the Mini and Buddy in 2020; this one is designed to make the preparation and maintenance of flowerbeds, large and small, easier and faster. I will keep you posted.

At the Ace Hardware trade show in Atlanta (October 2019) Kwik Edge met Skidger. Skidger was selected #1 of all the new products introduced at the show. It is an excellent, multi-use garden tool I am happy to recommend.

Winter is a good time to relax, reflect and look ahead. Spring will be here before we know it. Get out your garden catalogs and magazines and enjoy a season of anticipation and happy holidays.

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