KWIK EDGE: What it is and What it isn't

The Kwik Edge family of tools are maintenance tools.

They are designed to maintain what you already have in the way of garden spaces. I stress the word, maintenance. The garden spaces in the Kwik Edge demonstration videos appear to be conditioned because they are. Repeated maintenance leaves the garden border well groomed and conditioned.  The Kwik Edge brand will not work well for landscape construction and installation. The Kwik Edge

edging tool is not a replacement for a shovel or half-moon step shovel. If your garden space has been overrun by grass or you are creating a new garden space in your lawn, a shovel of some kind remains the best tool for removing the grass and defining, or redefining, the edge. The Impatient Gardener shows us how to create a garden edge in her YouTube video: How I edge my garden beds | The Impatient Gardener - YouTube

Kwik Edge can help in the refining stages of garden creations as shown in this video  Creating & Maintaining Flower Bed Edges // KwikEdge - YouTube

Once the garden edge is created and well defined, the hard part is done and will not need to be repeated when maintained with the Kwik Edge.


With the edge created and groomed, invading grass does not have a chance, although it will be true to its nature and will keep trying to invade.


Grass will always be invasive, particularly in the spring, but because the edge has been conditioned, grooming is easy with the Kwik Edge and the arduous job of edge creation is a thing of the past


If you want a sharp crisp edge, use your power edger (blade or string trimmer) first      

and follow with the Kwik Edge to keep the invading grass roots in check. Regular maintenance will save you a lot of work in the long run and will make your garden space a show piece, envied by your friends and neighbors.

The Kwik Edge Mini, Kwik Edge Buddy and Kwik Edge Boss are also designed to make garden maintenance easier, more satisfying and enjoyable.

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