With spring tucked away under a cozy white blanket it is a good time to look ahead and get ready for another season of gardening.

Cultivating garden spots early puts you a step ahead of weeds and helps to turn yard work into pleasurable gardening. With an early start we have a choice of tools: Tiller, shovel and garden hoe cover a lot of ground quickly.

As the season progresses it becomes difficult, if not impossible to use our tiller and shovel and even the hoe is too large to be effective. For many, their early garden enthusiasm begins to choke as weeds continue to grow in hard to manage areas; very few of us actually enjoy pulling weeds by hand.

As our plantings grow tighter and tighter cultivating becomes even more difficult but is essential all season long. We need a tool that will do the job in tight areas and now we have it.


The Kwik Edge Mini is only 2.25 inches wide and easily cultivates its way through even the most crowded planting bed. It does everything a standard hoe can do but also has the ability to do it delicately without disturbing plantings or displacing the soil. The Kwik Edge Mini is a favorite and probably my most used tool in the garden.

The Kwik Edge Mini is great for open planting beds. I often carry it with me as walk through my gardens and lightly turn the soil to prevent weeds before they germinate. The Kwik Edge Buddy is a 20 inch version of the Mini and is ideal for container gardens and raised beds or in tight access areas. The Mini and the Buddy will be available the first part of March 2020.

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