In my gardening the Kwik Edge has been essential and a favorite tool for a long time. Here is what others are saying about it:

  • Getting edges around flower beds was always a challenge. Using a shovel, the edge was never straight. Grass was difficult to pull and, after quite a few tries, I'd give up and accept the results.
    I saw the Kwik Edge and figured it was worth a try. I now have the best flower bed edges ever. This tool is amazing. Easy to use, it not only creates a straight edge, it also pulls out any grass and cuts through roots.
    If you have a problem with your bed edges - problem solved with the Kwik Edge.

  • This is the greatest invention since running water. I just did a months worth of edging in one Sunday afternoon. Love this. Buy it. You won't regret it.

  • I waited for the snow to melt to form an opinion on the edger - suspicious that the video of its use on the company website might have been shot in soft, prepared soil. I could have made the same video in my completely untilled grade soil! And I found a buried metal strip that used to demarcate the garden in a spot long since overtaken by grass. Great tool.

  • The Kwik Edger is one of the handiest tools in our garden shed. We struggled for years trying to keep flowerbeds edged and our methods were either ineffective/short-lived or back-breaking! The Kwik Edge Garden Edger has turned all that into a much, much simpler, quicker and easier task. I wish someone had invented this years ago!

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