I really enjoy mowing my lawn, but obviously there's no mowing right now; but I still think about it and look forward to firing up the machine.

It won't be much longer and the snow will be gone. In the past, when the mower came out for the first mowing of the spring, I would wonder and worry a little--WILL IT START? Sometimes it would take a lot of effort to get it going and other times it simply would not start and needed to be serviced. I think I was not alone when it comes to facing the annual dreaded first start up, but I have found that there are ways to take the worry out of our anticipation. Here are some suggestions that really work.

 1. The lawn mower and other gas engines don't like to brave the elements any more than we do.  Moisture and engines do not get along with each other very well.

2. Gas engines don't like to remain idle when there is gas in the tank. If you are confident about draining the gas and getting it all out of the system then that's a good way to prevent residue from clogging things up. Rather than draining the gas, I have found it effective to start the engine on all my machines every two to three weeks and let them run for a few minutes. That keeps the system clear and operating. It only takes a few minutes and I never have to worry or wonder if my mower will start that first mowing day.

3. Changing the spark plug and air filter is generally all that is needed to keep the mower running like new. Depending on usage and yard conditions, this might need to be done every year. The gas engine needs to be able to breathe and a good strong spark is important.

4. Make sure the oil level is where it should be

5. Now is a good time to replace or sharpen the blades. If you sharpen the blades yourself, be sure to grind each end equally so that you maintain a good balance.

Simple steps for peace of mind and its nice to hear those engines running; almost therapeutic.  Three or four more maintenance start ups and it will be time to mow the grass.

**Same thing works for your snow blower through the summer months.

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  • I have a 100mm deep aluminium strip supporting my lawn. I like to keep the lawn edge trimmed so the lawn does not grow over the edge of the aluminium strip and down the outside of the strip. Would the KWIK EDGE be ideal/suitable in this situation?


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